What is Myseum?

Myseum is a web ecosystem that allows users to create their own personal museums made by objects in their possession; individual museums of the users will be integrated within global thematic museums.

Myeseum wants to interact with millions of collectors around the world, with small and large real museums, to the brand and to anyone who owns interesting objects. Myseum will become a market for users who want it, as well as a real teaching tool.

Collect images and descriptions of objects in the world is the first step in order to create an archive, organized by categories, years of manufacturing, country of origin, styles, brands, related events and other elements. Particular attention is given to the protection of identity of the users in order to safeguard them from any danger, linking them with each other. Through Myseum it is possible to promote collections and events related to collectors and art lovers from all over the world.

Myseum will be the museum of everyone and everything: a new space without borders where you can admire objects and collections from around the world.